Success stories

Susanna S.

Before going to you, I felt I needed some guidance in managing the meals I was preparing for my husband and myself.  Also, I wanted to step up my exercise and lose 10 to 15 pounds.

You were so easy to talk to. You knew just the right questions to ask and to gently probe for answers in an unthreatening way. You provided lists of beneficial fruit and vegetables to eat and also the need to include whole grains in our daily diet. I never felt deprived. You also provided counseling on an anti-inflammatory diet and mindful eating which has been extremely helpful. You made sense out of all those articles and diets I've read throughout the years. Most helpful was taking a picture of the meal I had just prepared and sending it to you. Your suggestions were doable and helpful.

Since meeting with you I have lost 7 pounds and take longer and more frequent walks. My time spent with you was not only beneficial and rewarding but a moment in the day I looked forward to.

Patty H.

Before working with Emily I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and I struggled with obesity, blood pressure and my blood sugar.  With Emily’s help I have been able to lose weight, decrease my blood pressure medicine and bring my blood counts into a normal range.  My job makes a routine just about impossible, but at each meeting either in person or remotely, which was critical for me, she was able to evaluate my particular challenges, and find ways to overcome them and help me to be successful in my quest for better health. 

At each meeting she had great ideas on how to handle meal planning, what and when to eat and how to work exercise into a hectic schedule.  She worked with me to create customized solutions that would work for me and my lifestyle.  Emily provides a very personalized service that you can’t get with standard weight loss programs, her focus is on healthy solutions that I can work with.

ALexa D.

Before deciding to see a dietitian, I had struggled to find the right foods to eat or diets to try. I had exhausted all of my options whether it was paleo, counting calories, and many other popular trends you hear about. Through working with Emily I learned a lot about my current food intake. Not only did I learn I was eating out more than expected, but I was not eating enough foods that are filled with nutrients. Emily's plan for me helped me lose weight while also changing my lifestyle. It was the first thing I tried that did not seem difficult. Emily's knowledge on nutrition and providing a personalized plan definitely has steered me in the right direction and has educated me for future. Her program is definitely worth investing in and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a "lighter" and healthier life!